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How RSoft CRM Helps for Real Estate Industry?

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Technology plays an inevitable role in our daily lives. We rely on technology to make our lives simple and hassle-free. The most important area where the manifestation of technology is witnessed is in the business sector. Building strong customer relations is vital to the growth of any business. With the latest marketing trends, there is a need for a sophisticated technology for businesses to keep up with the requirements of their customers. Undoubtedly the key to run a successful business is to employ CRM software.

CRM software helps the companies integrate their workflow under a single dashboard while helping them monitor the sales, conduct targeted marketing campaigns, keep in touch with their customers, leads, and prospects and deliver exceptional customer service. CRM software is used in various businesses like traveling, sales, finance, and most notably, in real estate management.

Why do realtors need CRM software?

With the growing real estate markets, the real estate developers find it challenging to deliver their services to the right audience. Real Estate services generate a huge volume of site data that is updated continuously with the change in market prices. Tracking and updating these changes while maintaining huge data manually can be disadvantageous and inefficient.

Using a CRM software helps the realtors to save a lot of time by automating the manual tasks such as updating records, tracking the leads and prospects, and managing the customer contact details. From tracking the incoming leads to uploading documents and contracts, a CRM software helps the real estate agents organize their tasks efficiently and stay connected to their clients, leads and prospects, delivering prompt customer services and conducting targeted marketing campaigns.

RSoft Real Estate CRM is the ultimate choice for real estate agents looking for a suitable CRM software. Our unique features ranging from email integration, cloud storage, and integrated telephony systems helps you automate manual processes, stay in touch with your leads and prospects, and earn more loyal customers.

Automated Lead Generation:

Integrating and capturing leads across various social media platforms can be tedious when carried out manually. Using a CRM software helps the realtors to track and capture real estate leads and store them in their CRM dashboard for easy reference and customizing marketing campaigns. RSoft’s centralized lead management system helps you to capture real estate leads from various online portals and across various communication channels like Facebook, Google, and many more websites and directly import the data into your dashboard. Realtors will now find it easy to identify the needs and requirements of their leads and prospects and target their services accordingly.

Targeted Marketing :

Analyzing the current marketing trends and strategizing marketing accordingly, helps the realtors to get in touch with more leads and earn prospective clients. Understanding the different marketing approaches that clients prefer, either emails or SMS campaigns is necessary to provide a more targeted service.

From posting land advertisements to tracking the positive response from the leads and prospects, RSoft Real Estate CRM helps the realtors to conduct efficient marketing campaigns and promote their services accordingly. Our CRM software integrates your ad postings across various communication networks into your dashboard so you can prioritize the contents and ads based on the customer response.

Cloud Integration and Document Management:

Real Estate Management involves the maintenance of various information from land details to legal documents. Managing these documents can be very challenging, especially when maintaining them manually. RSoft Real Estate Management CRM is powered by the cloud, enabling you to store your documents without any storage limitation. Our unique Cloud CRM feature ensures realtors can maintain huge volumes of information without any data leakage and access their data from any authorized device that is connected to the cloud. This helps the realtors on-site to retrieve the site details and give the client apt information about the property.

Automated Email/SMS and Voice Calls:

Realtors advertising their property details across various websites leads to many leads reaching out to inquire about the site. Managing huge volumes of incoming calls and responding to every lead and prospect is rather impossible. This leads to the loss of leads and prospective customers. RSoft’s Integrated Cloud Telephony system allows the realtors to track every incoming and outgoing call, record voice calls, generate call scripts and store them in the CRM system. Sending emails and SMS manually creates mayhem since realtors will lose track of the customers who received the emails and messages and those who did not. Our Real Estate CRM software helps realtors keep track of clients and send personalized advertisements while avoiding repetitive emails and SMS being sent. Real Estate agents can now target clients and send site details through any communication channel like WhatsApp, emails, or SMS.

Manage Purchase and Transaction History:

After the deal is closed, the realtors must document the transaction details and manage the purchases that were made, from legal fees to the site fees. RSoft Real Estate CRM helps the real estate agents to upload the contract details and manage the transaction deadlines. This helps the clients to access the documents and raise concerns. Maintaining a proper transaction history is vital since it records all the purchases that were made concerning the site. At RSoft, we ensure this valuable information is protected from unauthorized access and displayed only to the clients making the purchase and the vendor providing the service. 

Efficient Land Management:

The manual method of sendingsite images is not sufficient to convince the client into booking the property. Providing an interactive map service helps the customer to scroll through the facilities that are available alongside the site. RSoft Real Estate CRM system has an inbuilt Google Maps API that is integrated within the CRM. This provides an interactivity feature to the clients and gives them a clearer view of the site that is to be purchased. Our Real Estate Software helps realtor to manage land details from the ownershipto the payment schedules in the CRM dashboard. This helps the realtors to track and manage the updates easily while providing the customers with the latest and updated information on the site.

Mobile CRM Feature:

Using a Mobile CRM, the realtors can access the site details and manage their leads and prospects in their smartphones. This proves to be very vital during site visits since the information needed can be accessed in their mobiles. RSoft Mobile CRM helps you to integrate all your real estate tasks, from maintaining your leads, posting advertisements, managing transactions, etc. in your mobile. No need of any worry about the limitations like the storage capacity or the security, our RSoft Mobile App CRM is cloud-powered and hence, documents and other site details can be stored efficiently. Realtors can now carry out their daily business activities without any worry since our CRM is not meant to be only accessible only on a computer. RSoft Mobile CRM allows the access to real-time details on any authorized device that is connected to the internet.

For a successful business, an important factor to be considered is customer satisfaction. RSoft Real Estate Desktop and Mobile CRM is the one-stop destination to meet all your needs and requirements as a realtor. Our Real Estate Software helps you maintain good and healthy customer relationships thereby increasing your client networks. Our latest features from tracking the leads to completing the sales quickly and effectively, helps you to maintain a profitable business in the real estate industry. We help build up your portfolio in the growing market and expand your business network among the potential clients thus staying ahead of the curve. 

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