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IVR Cloud Telephony & Business Communication


Communication is the cornerstone of every business. It is the determining factor for the success Of any business. Nowadays, businesses employ Cloud Based Telephony systems to integrate the Overall business communication into a single dashboard accessible across all Internet-powered devices. Before the Cloud Telephony Systems came into action, businesses heavily relied  on using  PBX (Public Branch Exchange) phone systems. The PBX system made communication simpler and effective when compared to the traditional calling system where each agent needed a separate phone line for communication. Installation of heavy infrastructures like physical wires and servers within the office premises, server downtimes, difficulty in software maintenance, and expensive upgrades were some of the few disadvantages that cannot be overlooked.

What is Cloud Based Telephony System (IVR)?

The Cloud-Based Telephony system when introduced proved to be a great alternative to the traditional PBX phone systems.Hosted on a third-party software on the Internet, i.e., the Cloud, the cloud telephony system reduced the need for physical wires and expensive hardware to be set up. You can stay connected to your team and manage the incoming and outgoing business calls on any device that is powered by the Internet, be it a mobile phone or a desktop. The Cloud-based Telephony systems use Voice  over Internet Protocoltoroute your call sover the Internet.

Cloud-Based Telephony systems are integrated within the Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software providing the businesses a single platform to manage business-related activities, track the sales activities, oversee the marketing campaigns, evaluate the sales growth, generateproductivity reports and manage the huge volumes of incoming calls from the prospects, leads, and customers. Tracking the incoming calls, forwarding the incoming calls to the respective salesperson based on the client preference, scheduling the calls and meetings, generating call scripts, are some of the important features of a Cloud Telephony system.

Who Can Use Cloud Telephony System?

Cloud Telephony systems are extensively used in the following areas:

  • Real Estate Industries
  • Health care services
  • Foodservice companies
  • Tele callers
  • Travel Management companies
  • Banking Sectors and so on

Pros of using a Cloud Telephony System:

Cloud Telephony systems help the businesses track the call history, document the client call scripts, redirect the clients to the appropriate sales person capable of addressing their query, make call reminders, track the missed calls, and schedule for callbacks.

The advantages of using a Cloud Telephony system includes:

Flexibility and Mobility: Unlike the traditional PBX systems, you can access the client’s contact information and make calls on the move. While commuting or at home, using a Cloud Telephony system helps you to access customer data, call scripts, and make informed decisions on improving service and targeting marketing campaigns. You are not limited to your workspace to stay connected with your clients and team members. Cloud Telephony system ensures you carry out your daily business activities even at the comfort of your home.

Cost Saving and Hardware Independent: Forget the need for huge hardware equipment and wires running across your office, Cloud Telephony is completely powered by the Internet and requires minimal infrastructure. Cloud Telephony system eliminates the need to pay a whopping maintenance and upgradation fee. You can choose from the unlimited call plans or opt for pay-as-you-go pricing provided by your service vendor.

Effective Communication:Leads and Prospects reach out from the various communication networks like Social Media or websites. Using a Cloud Telephony system helps you track your customer calls, identify their sources, and analyze the marketing strategies that are earning more leads compared to the other ones. The client or prospect reaching out and the salesperson attending the call are all tracked and made available in your dashboard. The productivity of the sales team can be assessed easily by tracing all the calls that were received and the salesperson who attended it. A transparent communication network benefitting both the clients and the company is established using the Cloud Telephony system.

Scalable and Easily Upgradable: Software maintenance has never been much simpler. Software upgradation is automatically done by the service providers without the need for your intervention. You can easily customize your dashboard and add features suiting your business. Adding or removing the clients is much simpler using the Cloud Telephony system. You can choose to expand the services or pay as per the current needs of your business. Cloud Telephony system helps you handle the unexpected surges in the workload and manage the resource demands effectively.

RSoft Cloud Telephony Systems

RSoft CRM solutions have always been the front runner in providing World-Class service to its customers. We constantly introduce new features as per the changes in marketing trends. Our CRM software is fully customizable and enriched with the latest features suiting your business needs. RSoft Mobile CRM solutions ensure you have the same functionality as a Desktop CRM made available on your smartphone. From capturing leads to tracking their progress through the sales funnel, we ensure you have a 360-degree view of your business in the palm of your hand. RSoft CRM software helps you maintain a stronger business communication and take your business to newer heights.

Our Cloud Telephony systems help you to stay connected to your clients and integrate the communication activities carried out by your team into your dashboard. You can easily track the incoming calls and monitor the sales teams handling the customers. Integration between the communication channels like emails, messaging apps, and social media is made much simpler with less effort.

What are the features of RSoft Cloud Telephony Systems?

  • IVR Integration: Integrated Voice Response (IVR) integrated within the Cloud Telephony system helps your clients interact with your business at ease. Customers are automatically routed to the respective salesperson capable of handling their queries. Calls are transferred only to the live agents thus, minimizing the waiting time of the clients. RSoft IVR integrated systems collect the client data and route them to suitable teams in your company. Call scripts and call recordings are generated automatically and stored in your CRM dashboard.
  • Scheduling and Parallel Ringing:Easily create follow-up schedules and share them with the sales teams. Track the completed calls and store the call information in the dashboard for later reference. Parallel Ringing features allow multiple agents to receive the incoming call from the clients. The agent available can pick up the call and address the client’s concerns promptly.
  • Welcome Greetings and SMS alerts: Create customized welcome greetings based on the preferred language of the client. RSoft IVR virtual agents are powered with human-like voice features that help the clients receive the best possible experience, unlike the conventional robotic voice systems. Stay connected with your clients even after the call by sending SMS alerts and customized messages.
  • Tracking and Managing Call History: Track the incoming call helps your sales team easily identify if the caller has already reached out previously or is a new lead and customize their service accordingly. Manage the call history and track the sources of incoming calls to identify the marketing strategies that are paying off. Gain insights on the percentage of calls received from ad campaigns and make effective business decisions. The detailed information about customers reaching out is immediately made available in your dashboard after the call.
  • Missed call alerts and service: Track the calls that have been missed by the sales teams and reschedule calls immediately. Follow-up with the productivity of the sales team through our productivity reports. Gain clear visibility on the number of calls received and the issues that have been resolved through our Cloud Telephony system integrated within your CRM. Conduct missed call campaigns and connect with your leads in no time.
  • Call Transfer and Voicemails:Customers can easily transfer their calls across the various departments across your company using ourcall transfer feature. Parallel ringing ensures the clients do not have to wait for their query to be resolved, rather receive a prompt response from the live agents. During holidays or non-office hours, customers can opt to send voice mails directly to the agents of the respective departments. Be available at all times to address your clients and solve their requests and concerns effectively.

Provide your best customer service and expand your customer loyalty base by using our Cloud Telephony Integrated CRM software. Track every lead and provide customized services. Never miss out on a single lead again. Create customized employee productivity and sales growth reports which are automatically generated every day or monthly based on your choice. We ensure your client data is secure and accessible only to the devices you grant authorization. Our services are affordable with prices ranging from just 499/- per month. Reach out to us, we are

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