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Empower Your Sales Team Stay Productive When Working From Home During The Covid-19 Outbreak

Throughout the times in history, humans have adapted and survived through the various unforeseen problems. Be it during the time of natural disasters or falling share markets. Our hope has been the only guiding light through all the trials of life. This massive pandemic is yet another huge hurdle we are facing at the moment. The Coronavirus outbreak has caused a huge disruption in the lives of millions of people, wrecking the businesses and bringing all our day-to-day activities, either at work or home in a standstill.

How can RSoft help you in this time of crisis?

At RSoft, we believe, every full-stop is just another stroke away from being a comma. We are ready to extend our hand in helping your business maintain stability while earning revenue even at trying times. Our services ranging from Work from CRM to IVR solutions will enable you to stay connected with your clients remotely. We have analyzed the current situation and know the exact service you need for your company to regain its share in the global market.

Without proper integration software, working remotely can be very challenging. RSoft Work from Home solutions helps you easily collaborate with the sales, marketing, and finance teams virtually, follow-up with the clients, post targeted contents to the prospects, manage the requests and concerns, efficiently share the reports and documents. We have tailor-made our services to exactly suit your needs in this time of the pandemic.

What are the services we provide?

Our unique approaches in introducing services and services by analyzing the needs of our clients have given us the edge among our competitors. We never back down from our ultimate goal of making sure our customers are happy with our service, no matter the situation. We make sure you can provide the best service to your clients while earning more prospects and leads amidst all the chaos and mayhem.

RSoft ensures you can expand your business network and work efficiently without any interruption. Our services include:

  • Work from Home CRM (Remote Work)
  • Mobile CRM
  • IVR Solutions

Remote Work CRM

The pandemic has forced millions of people to work remotely. Experts claim that remote work will be much preferred even after the lockdown. Implementing ‘work from home’ arrangements hasn’t been easy for many organizations.RSoft CRM solutions can help you to manage the sales teams, overlook marketing campaigns, manage leads, and monitor the entire workflow of your company at the comfort of your home.

RSoft Cloud CRM enables you to connect to your employees from anywhere and on any Internet-enabled device. Our Cloud services help you to integrate information from the various communication channels and make informed decisions while collaborating with the sales, marketing, and finance teams and move deals much faster. From document creation to maintenance and backups, our cloud CRM helps you to enhance your customer service by accessing information anytime and anywhere.

Mobile CRM

We are witnessing the current trend where mobile internet usage is completely overtaking the desktop internet usage. Why need desktops when you can have the world in the palm of your hands? RSoft Mobile CRM helps you to do just that! RSoft Mobile CRM app allows you to integrate all your customer information into a single dashboard on your mobile phone. Now you can access any client information, follow up with your leads and prospects, and create a customer-friendly environment from your smart device.

We have carefully designed our Mobile App CRM in such a way that all the features of the desktop CRM are made available to you. From acquiring leads to signing the quotations, RSoft Mobile CRM ensures you can track customer’s needs and coordinate among the various units of your company and offer targeted services while boosting your sales leads. You can access the real-time data, collaborate with your team, manage sales, and increase the productivity of your company using RSoft Mobile CRM

IVR Integrated CRM solutions

IVR stands for Interactive Voice Response. It is a cloud telephony system wherein the customers can interact with the company’s host system through speech recognition and dial-in keypad. These calls are routed according to the customer’s request by pressing the appropriate keys in the keypad. Using RSoft IVR now helps you to collect the information about the customer and route them to the respective agent or department based on their preference.

We help you to enhance your customer service and reduce operational costs. The prospects and clients reaching out with any query is diverted accordingly across the various units in the company. RSoft IVR provides complete automation and integrates all the communication channels, giving you the best world-class features for empowering your business using our IVR solutions

Why choose RSoft Work from home solutions?

Choosing the apt CRM service for your business is vital. RSoft remote access CRM helps you leverage the customer services in your company, boost your company’s revenue and increase the productivity of your employees collaborating virtually through a single interface over the cloud. We ensure the employees in your company can work from home efficiently without any interruption.

The benefits of using our CRM software are discussed below:

Integrating Teams during the crisis:

No matter where you are across the world, using RSoft Work from home solutions, you can easily integrate between different communication channels, fix appointments, and schedule meetings with your team efficiently. You can assign tasks and monitor the task completion of your employees. We help you to stay connected with your team and be productive amidst all the external factors. You can easily manage your sales team and plan activities and follow-up with clients and prospects easily.

Stay in Touch with your leads and Prospects:

Using the RSoft Cloud Telephony system, you can now be in contact with your leads and prospects anytime and anywhere. Providing personalized services to the customers has never been much easier as you are now able to route the calls from your leads and prospects, to the respective team handling the apt services like sales and marketing. RSoft Cloud Telephony system allows you to keep track of the calls and create call reminders to easily follow-up with your clients and prospects. You need not worry about the huge volumes of incoming and outgoing calls. Our CRM tracks every call and gives you access to any call data from the list of calls.

Analyze and Automate Tasks:

RSoft CRM gives you the freedom to choose the type of marketing campaign to be carried out. We provide the latest analytical feature in our CRM solutions that tracks down the needs of the current leads and prospects,analyzing the marketing trends. The report is generated automatically in your dashboard andmade available to your teams. You can make effective decisions regarding the providence of customized and targeted service to your clients.

Communicate more faster and efficiently:

Communication plays an important factor in this crisis. Due to untimely communication, the clients are discontented with the customer service ofthe companies. At RSoft, we ensurethe clients receive full-time support from the companies through our effective communication systems. Our unique email and WhatsApp integration feature allows you to send alert messages, advertise customized services, chat with customers, and increase the productivity of your company.

Mobility and Access:

RSoft Mobile CRM helps you to run your business on your mobile phone. Download our RSoft Mobile app CRM and integrate all your sales activities into your phone. From setting call reminders to signing quotations, our CRM app gives you all the features of the Desktop CRM available in the palm of your hands. You can access key information on the go and enhance customer service by providing prompt suggestions and anticipating your customer’s needs from the real-time data that is available to you. RSoft Mobile CRM is powered by the cloud, so you need not worry about the documentation and quotations filling up your phone storage. You can make changes offline which will automatically sync across all the devices once connected to the Internet.

With more than 15+ years of service in sales and marketing, RSoft makes sure our customers are provided the best service despite all the unavoidable situations. We believe that you can be productive and work efficiently while providing your best service to your clients at the comfort of your home. Our world-class CRM software enables you to expand your business network and focus on your clients and prospects rather than worrying about communication and managing tasks in these tough times. We are available round the clock to answer any queries you may have regarding our services. We at RSoft are looking forward to help you grow your business and ensure productivity of your company in these trying times.

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